HUCO AG was founded back in 1916.
In 1931, the metal goods factory was turned into a company that manufactured lighting fixtures.
We have been a partner to the durlum Group since 1998.


Our range of products includes architectural lighting, office and industrial lighting systems, emergency lighting and illuminated information signs, as well as outdoor lighting and lighting for your private living space.


We have a large selection of standardised lighting in stock at our headquarters in Münchwilen which can all be delivered at short notice.


We manufacture technical and decorative lighting fixtures, many of which you can see for yourself in a realistic environment at our headquarters in Münchwilen. We have many indoor and several outdoor lighting fixtures to choose from that are aesthetically pleasing and state-of-the-art. We look forward to welcoming you at Weinfelderstrasse 82 in Münchwilen. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.



Dear visitor

HUCO AG is taking a major step forward and integrating its LIGHTING activities
into the philosophy and strategy of the parent company, the durlum Group.
CEILING LIGHTING AMBIENCE is the name of this philosophy and describes
the harmonious integration of cieling and lighting in architectural ambience.

HUCO AG LIGHTING AG consultancy and sales team will from now on serve you
with the expected quality under the name durlum AG. The HUCO lighting products will,
of course, remain available to you and will be complemented by the durlum product range.

The emergency lighting sector at the Mnchwilen location will become independent.
The HUCO AG EMERGENCY LIGHTING will focus its activities locally and will remain
dedicated to serving you. Our new emergency lighting online shop will soon be
available on this site.


durlum AG

Steinhaldenstr. 28 | 8954 Geroldswil

Telephone 044 747 82 20
Fax 044 747 82 29
E-Mail info@durlum.ch
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Weinfelderstr. 82 | 9542 Mnchwilen

Telephone 071 969 35 35
Fax 071 966 30 27
E-Mail info@hucoag.ch
Internet www.hucoag.ch