Light is an important element in life. It can blur or accentuate contours, and it can add colour.
It also invigorates us, and determines our emotions.
Light plays a deciding role in architecture.
It is our objective to offer you creative solutions based on up-to-date knowledge and the very latest developments in lighting.
We create optimal lighting that meets the demands of any space.

We work together with our clients to develop long-lasting and enduring concepts that are integrated harmoniously into all design planning from the start. We want to find just the right lighting solution for you - be it for a study, work or living area.
In order to create harmonious and sensory-appealing interiors, we work together with our partners to come up with individual, efficient and tailor-made lighting solutions.

Dear visitor

HUCO AG is taking a major step forward and integrating its LIGHTING activities
into the philosophy and strategy of the parent company, the durlum Group.
CEILING LIGHTING AMBIENCE is the name of this philosophy and describes
the harmonious integration of cieling and lighting in architectural ambience.

HUCO AG LIGHTING AG consultancy and sales team will from now on serve you
with the expected quality under the name durlum AG. The HUCO lighting products will,
of course, remain available to you and will be complemented by the durlum product range.

The emergency lighting sector at the Mnchwilen location will become independent.
The HUCO AG EMERGENCY LIGHTING will focus its activities locally and will remain
dedicated to serving you. Our new emergency lighting online shop will soon be
available on this site.


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