Single-battery emergency light and safety light

SICUROLUX-ES is an escape sign luminaire in accordance with DIN EN 60598-1/-2-22 and DIN EN 1838. The frame is made of white galvanised metal and is characterised by its flat design. The 20 mm thick light-deflecting pane is illuminated by 12 x 0.5 W LED lights. The escape sign luminaire can be mounted on walls, ceilings or flush with the ceiling. The accessories, consisting of pictograms, pendant tube, wall bracket and recessed housing, make SICUROLUX-ES versatile and customisable.

Technical Information


Frame: White galvanised metal 
Glass: Transparent acrylic glass

Luminaire details

Operating time: 3 h
Ambient temperature: 10-30°C
Lamp: 12 x 0.5 W LED incl.
Protection: IP 20/Protection class I
Visibility range: 30 m EN 1838; 15 m SFPA
Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz
Power consumption: Operating mode D = 12 VA; Operating mode B = 5 VA; Operating mode N = 12 VA

Operating modes

D = permanent operation [mains/emergency]
B = standby operation [emergency only]
N = mains operation [without emergency light unit]

Test facility

Light with or without fully automatic self-test. The fully automatic self-test serves to independently test the operability of the emergency light.