BUS monitoring system for single-battery emergency luminaires

SICUROWEB M-WEB is a central emergency lighting system that centrally monitors the entire system. The result is minimal maintenance and monitoring. The design of the system is simple. Faults in the system are indicated immediately. The built-in email function can send a detailed fault report to two site managers simultaneously.

125 single battery safety lights can be installed. The system can be expanded with up to 63 signal amplifiers (K-DUO) to monitor up to 7875 luminaires. The structure can be T-shaped, star-shaped, linear or mixed. The polarity of the BUS power does not need to be taken into account.

Technical Information

General information

Mains voltage range: 100 - 240 V
Mains frequency: 47 - 63 Hz
Rated Power: 20.1 W
Input current: max. 30 mA
Bus voltage: nominal 28 VDC
Data output: RJ45 / RS485
Ambient temperature: 0-50°C
Degreee of protection: IP 20
Weight: 370 g 
Dimensions: 160 x 110 x 53 mm [L x W x H]
Installation: DIN top-hat rail
Communication protocol: M-BUS or DALI

Maximum number of luminaires

M-BUS: 125 luminaires per contorl unit, 125 luminaires per bus distributor, maximum 125 bus distributor, 15,625 luminaires in total
DALI: max. 64 luminaires on two seperate circuits, 128 luminaires in total